Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wooden Crate Woven Side Table

I decided this week that the out door crate coffee table, much as we loved it,  was too big for our balcony. So with Josh's assistance we pulled it apart and brought the crates inside. I didn't want the crates to go to waste so I started to think about how we could use them in the house. The most obvious use is storage, and one of them will go to being Ada's toy box in the lounge room. I was trying to think of what other furniture we still want to add to our apartment and realised that a crate on its side would  probably be just the right height for a side table next to Josh's arm chair.

Easy enough. All I would need to do was paint the entire crate and sit it next to the chair. After reading an old Mollie Makes magazine article about Maryanne Moodie, Australian weaver now living in Brooklyn, I've been itching to weave something, especially using my current favourite wool, Damask Ombre from Sugar 'n Cream.

 I remember that in year 11 textiles class we wove a simple pattern on wooden frames hammered together by the woodwork class. They were pretty crude frames but they did the job. Which got me to thinking. Could I turn the open face of the crate into a weaving frame? The answer to that is yet to be determined but here is my plan sketched out. I can't wait to see if it will work!

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