Monday, 17 November 2014

New Workspace and Craft Organization

After a huge weekend of putting together Ikea furniture my new workspace is ready to go! The Alex desk and drawers have proved to be a great craft organization tool! We tried several ways to fit our workspace into our living room but it wasn't going to happen so we set up in our bedroom instead. I was pleasantly surprised by how it all worked out!

I've downsized from a whole craft room to a craft set of drawers which was a little tough! I think though I'm happier with less supplies as I can clearly see what I have and there are a lot less unfinished projects!

I'm hoping to add some embroidery hoops to the wall and a piece of printed fabric that I bought in Japan to use as a wall hanging. I also can't wait to add a sewing machine! The drawers in the desk and the free standing drawers are great. They are shallow so there is no temptation to overfill. I've tried to group together items by craft.

And the best part about my new workspace? The view, complete with tiny birds and squirrels!

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