Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Favourite Pens

Taking part in an Instagram photo a day challenge has been a new experience for me and I'm finding that it is stretching those long unused creative muscles! I'm following The Carefree Planner's November challenge, #tcfpnovember if you want to join in!

#tcfpnovember Instagram challenge 4th Nov, favourite pens
I started out by writing each of the prompts in my month to two page view in my Kikki-K planner so I could refer back to the challenge quickly everyday. I found that even as I was writing down the prompts the ideas for shots started flying in! I also realised that some of these prompts would make great blog posts. So without further ado onto My Favourite Pens! (Well maybe a sneaky planner pic first...)

The first, and probably best known, of my favourite pens is of course the Sharpie. Sharpie's are a permanent marker that come in a great range of colours and thicknesses. They even have a metallic range! These markers are the "go to" in the crafting world and are used in so many projects and so many creative ways. Just type "Sharpie" into Pinterest and you will see what I mean!

In my planner I use these guys strictly for writing on Washi or  paper tape. They don't "bead" or bleed like most other pens do on these surfaces and they dry quickly which prevents smudging. I don't use them directly onto my pages in any of my planners though as I find they go straight through the page.

These next pens have quickly been gaining popularity and for good reason... They're erasable! The Pilot Frixion ball point pens come in a range of styles and colours as well as sizes. I love writing in pen and especially writing in colour but I make mistakes... A lot! I don't know if it's because my brain is way ahead of where my hand is but I constantly write my words with letters in the wrong order. This used to be a major frustration for me, whiteout ruins the smoothness of the page and is terribly obvious but so is a scribble or a line! With these pens the problem has been alleviated. On the lid of these pens (and on some other models on the base) is a small rubber part that works as an eraser. I find it leaves a faint residue of what was written but if you are about to write over it this isn't major, also it's far less unsightly then whiteout or scribble.

I found that the single Pilot Frixion pens were becoming available in supermarkets in Australia just before I left but as yet the larger pack of colours wasn't available. I ordered the 12 colour pack from Amazon and they were shipped from Japan, there are larger colour packs available. I actually bought them to use for our wedding guest book so guests could erase mistakes... But I forgot to leave a little note telling guests they were erasable. The pens write smoothly although I sometimes find the 0.7 nib size a little too large so if a finer size comes out I will probably switch to that. Sadly these pens don't write on Washi tape... but look at all the amazing colours they come in! These are my go to pens for writing longer, journal style entries in my planner.

Kikki K. If you haven't noticed already I'm a bit of a Kikki K fangirl! For pretty much my whole university degree I wrote in their Felt Tip Pens which come in a cute 10 pack. It was only this year that I switched to their Write In Rainbow Gel Ink pens pictured below. Why? Well mostly because when I went in to restock my pens their super cute packaging got me! I'm glad they did though. The gel ink is really smooth and vibrant and doesn't soak through the page. Sadly they don't say what size nib they are but they are really fine and delicate. They are the precision of a felt tip pen with a much finer ink. These pens also don't write on Washi tape but their fine nibs combined with the fact that they don't go through my paper make them my go to for scheduling on month and week to two pages.

What are your favourite pens and what is it about them that you like? Let me know in the comments below :) 


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