Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Strengthening Sticky Notes

I love using sticky notes to mark pages in my planner for quick reference. I have them all hanging out from the top of my planner but I noticed they were starting to get a bit ratty looking. I sold my laminator before leaving Australia as it wouldn't work over here in the USA so laminating was out plus I still wanted the tags to function as sticky notes!

The top two sets are from Daiso in Australia. The bottom two sets are from Japan.

The solution seemed simple and has probably been shared before but here is my take on using sticky tape to strengthen planner flags. I used the Scotch Satin Finish GiftWrap Tape as this doesn't have that over the top shiny finish regular sticky tape does. It's quite a soft finish and I found it didn't take away from the flags.

I started by removing all of the old flags and replacing them with new flags so that they looked neat and tidy. There's no reason though that you couldn't use your existing flags if you don't want to replace them.

I stretched out the tape and placed the flag, sticky side down, on top of the tape. Be careful to make sure that the sticky part of your flag is hanging off of the sticky tape... If you cover it with the tape it wont be sticky!

Make sure the sticky part isn't covered by tape!

Then gently lift up the flag and tape and fold the tape back over on itself, as close to the edge of the flag as possible. I covered as much of the front of the flag as possible, not just the part that would poke out from the page.

I cut the tape from the rest of the roll and with a finger carefully smoothed out any air bubbles from between the flag and tape.

Then carefully cut the excess tape from around the flag. I left a little overhang the whole way around to make sure the tape stays sealed together.

On some of the flags that I don't reposition I left the excess tape at the bottom to help the flags stay put in my planner!

I then stuck all the flags back into my planner.

From now on I will do this each time I stick a flag in so that I don't have to waste them by replacing them when they get worn down. I love seeing their little faces peeking out!

What shape are your favourite flags/sticky notes? Where is your favourite place to shop for sticky notes? Let me know in the comments below.