Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Planner Love

After a month or so of admiring planners on Pinterest I decided to dive in and give it a go! It's not just about being organised it's a hobby too; all about decorating, altering and customising. And as with many crafts there is also a helpful and friendly online community.

Being an absolute Kikki K fanatic getting a planner from them was a no brainer. I opted for the a5 leather personal planner in Lilac. The videos Kikki K made about personalising were inspiring and I have been working on personalising mine ever since!

I've added a couple of charms to the pen holder from when we lived in Japan, most notably Rilakkuma on Mt Fuji. I use my planner for keeping track of important dates, to do lists and as my personal journal. 

I'm using a range of stationery items to decorate such as stickers, Washi tape and coloured pens. I'm also trying to teach myself hand lettering and trying to improve my handwriting style.

I've also really been enjoying making my own inserts. It's time consuming but rewarding once you see it in the planner.

It's really fuelled a love of stationery. This is my temporary desk set up. I can't wait to set up my desk when we move into our own place!

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