Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ikea Collage

When we started looking at apartments before we moved to America we realised that our apartment would be a lot smaller than what we were used to and that much of our furniture would be too big and chunky to fit, not to mention it wasn't very moving friendly furniture... So heavy!

Because of this we decided to sell it all and start fresh when we arrived. We want furniture that is more compact and easy to move so it seems like Ikea is going to be a good option. For a bit of fun last night I pulled apart the Ikea catalogue and put together a collage of things I would like. Obviously we won't be getting it all, we will be starting out with just the essentials but it's fun to dream!

I also think that by putting all the items that I want in one place I will be able to reference it quickly if we get the chance to add more items as the years go on. It was also great to put together a "look" and I am feeling a bit bolder about choosing some unusual colours ( fushia and emerald green) to add some fun to our new apartment. I know that if I hadn't put this together I never would have been brave enough to add emerald green to the mix.

Now I can't wait to actually find somewhere to live and set up our new furniture!

Do you collage? What sort of things do you make collages of? Let me know in the comments below.


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