Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Foxes and Halloween

When we first found out that we might be moving to the United States I immediately set about searching for craft stores in the San Francisco area. One of the stores I found was Paper Source and as I looked through their website I fell in love with their fox range that they brought out for this autumn. I loved all the pieces in this range but especially the fox apron, it was so cute and feminine! I also have quite a love of both aprons and foxes. I Pinned it and several times over the past few weeks I went back to admire the pin.

(Image property of Paper Source, found here:

One night after we arrived we went and had amazing burgers at Roam on Fillmore street, which we then discovered was right next door to Paper Source! I was so excited, the store was closed for the night though and the fox range was no longer in the window display so when we went back to our apartment I went back to my pin to have another look... And it was sold out! I was so sad, I had seriously been considering getting it shipped to Australia before we left but decided I would wait, only to discover it was gone. 

Today we went back to that street for lunch. Actually we went back to Roam because the burgers were so amazing! After lunch we went in and they had one apron left on display and they let me buy it! I was so excited and I can't wait to wear it when I cook!

Paper Source was seriously impressive. They had such a great range of products and the store was set up beautifully. While I was in there they were using a new paper cutting machine that can cut, draw and score using designs on your computer. I'm certainly adding that to my wish list!

After Paper Source we headed over to Daiso, probably my favourite Japanese shop. I bought some really cute Halloween washi tape. Halloween isn't really celebrated in Australia, not to the extent it is here in the United States, but I intend to fully embrace it! I bought the Washi to use in my Kikki K planner but I'm sure I'll find some other uses for it too!

The design on the tape is very long so it isn't quite all pictured here, but it is equally as cute as the bit above :)

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