Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How to make Fabric Covered Buttons

Fabric covered buttons are fun to make and are a great way to use up your fabric scraps! They also make a fun gift for the people in your life who sew, scrapbook and craft! If you don't have time to make them yourself I have a selection available over at my Etsy store!

You will need:
-fabric scraps
-metal buttons, uncovered
-button holder and presser kit
-a pen

You can buy button kits at Start to Finish's Etsy store. They ship internationally too!

For 22mm (0.86") diameter buttons cut a round template measuring 45mm (1.77"). For an 18mm (0.70") diameter button cut a 40mm (1.57") template.

Step 1: Draw around your template onto the wrong side of your fabric. You can use any type of pen or pencil as this won't be seen.

Step 2: Cut out your circle

Step 3: Place your fabric right side down on top of the button holder (The clear cup looking one!)

Step 4: Place the button cover (the curved metal piece) curve side down in the center of the fabric above the button holder.

Step 5: Using the button presser (the red one) push the button cover and fabric inside the button holder

Step 6: Turn the button holder over and ensure your fabric is aligned the way you want. If not, pull it out and repeat steps 3 to 5 until the alignment is correct

Step 7: Tuck in all the edges.

Step 8: Place the button back, shank side up inside the button holder. Note: If these are for scrapbooking you may wish to remove the shank with a pair of pliers.

Step 9: Take the presser, center it over the shank and with your thumb push down until the shank is firmly lodged inside the button cover.

Step 10: Gently push the button out of the holder. You now have a finished button!

Extra: You can also embellish your buttons with lace by following the same steps but before step number 3 lay a small piece of lace, ribbon, etc. the same length as the diameter of your fabric across the button holder.

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