Saturday, 8 September 2012


On Sunday night my partner and I went to Sustailight Cafe in Sakae to see our friend Masa's dj set. It was an amazing night! Really cruisy house music and Sustailight had amazing food and drinks, including the most delicious dried fruit ice tea!! It's a really relaxed atmosphere with vintage buttons and matryoshka on the wall and surfboards hanging from the roof. It has a big focus on living sustainably, something I feel I need to endeavour to do more!

 My friend Ami (who owns her own zakka store, Relier) and I got talking about craft stores. As I am unable to read, write or speak Japanese I've had a hard time finding craft stores. A small one in Sakae called Yuzawaya and the small chain Craft Heart Tokai. Craft Heart Tokai has an excellent members card that offers discounts and earns points that can be taken off purchases. Anyway! Ami told me about Otsukaya in Kurumamichi. It's apparently a huge craft store... 5 floors! I'm on my way there right now, very excited! Fingers crossed I'll find some Totoro fabric!

Edit: It's closed on Thursdays :( So I didn't find anything! Maybe next week end :D

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