Friday, 31 August 2012

Summertime Sadness

It's the last week of summer! And despite the title of this post I am not at all sad about it! I've never known humidity like we have here in Nagoya, it has been so draining! Now that the cicadas have stopped chirruping I've replaced their song with Lana Del Rey's album "Born to Die". As I've been crafting, walking to the train and between classes I've been humming "Summertime Sadness" incessantly, I just can't get it out of my head! At least it's beautiful and far better than when the nursery rhymes from class get stuck in my head!
I love the beautiful nostalgia inherent in all her songs and film clips. When I listen I can't help but imagine I'm watching some beautiful and tragic old Hollywood film!

Other than listening to music I have been crafting! On Saturday I went to the craft store and bought lots of fabrics! Yay! Only to realise I had only a few magnetic snaps left. Aww! Never the less I made a couple little clutch purses.

Today I noticed the leaves have started changing colour. Right on cue for the start of autumn tomorrow! This got me thinking about Christmas... a little early, I know. I've got lots of plans for things to make both for my Etsy store and for Josh and I to start our own Christmas traditions. Keep an eye out for stockings and lots of Christmas decorations coming up soon. For today though I contented myself with making some Christmas earrings for my store. I've also been thinking of some Etsy traditions, I'm thinking every year we'll buy a handmade decoration from a lovely Etsy seller, and I'm also going to try and make this a "handmade" Christmas by buying handmade and supporting other artists.

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